Monday, 19 December 2011


If you're not feeling particularly festive this year,and let's face it the future's grim, the future's grey, with predictions that soon we'll all be living a Dickensian existence [coming soon to a high street near you Workhouses R Us], don't feel you have to use our decorations in the traditional way. But as Fagin should have sung- You gotta have a tassel or two-

Image by designer Peter Cline.

So I'll raise my gin in a tin to one and all and say;

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Eleanor Pritchard used to say she was the only weaver left in Weavers Ward [an area in Bethnal Green]until one day someone turned round and said to her -No you're not. There's another-
I met Eleanor at a meeting at The Orleans House Gallery in Richmond. We got talking, found we were both weavers and then discovered we practically lived next door to each other.
-It's you- Eleanor said -You're the other weaver-
Eleanor designs beautiful, calm luxurious blankets on her George Wood loom [the Rolls Royce of hand looms] that are manufactured at a traditional woolen mill in Wales.
Her latest project along with Phillipa Brock, Woven Textiles Specialist Leader at Central St Martins School of Art, has been to launch The Weave Shed, a must see resource site for weavers.

Converse Trainers made with tweed designed by Dashing Tweeds.
Find out more from The Weave Shed.

There are sections on advice, education and research, and suppliers and services. In fact everything any weaver needs to know and all under one roof. The site also runs an active blog which features weave related news, events and people.