Tuesday, 4 September 2012


For London Design Festival 2012 Jessica Light Trims and Tassels will be launching two new collections. They will be shown in an interior instillation devised by interior design company Precious Mcbane in their studio, an old Clerckenwell machinists shop. 
Our two new collections are Frome- inspired by the illustrations of Jan Pienowski, thread bare linens and fantastical insects in magical shades of ecru, eau-de-nil, raspberry/cherry, jet and yellow- and Potsdam- Russian Contructivism meets Aladdin Sane in a masculine, luxe-glam, graphic range incorporating leather, linen, metal and horsehair in muddy khaki, earth, rust, sand, and cardboard grey with flashes of violet, gold and silver.
We will also be featuring fabric from Olicana Textiles, John Boyd and Chinese burnished indigo from Slow Loris.

Samples from the Frome Collection

Gone To Earth is the hunters cry when the pursued fox has fled underground out of danger. It is also a 1917 novel by Mary Webb, who takes this title as an allegory for the ruthlessness of mans
aptitude for destruction and a lone characters personal response to her circumstances and events.It also sums up the Precious Mcbane and Jessica Light collaboration- a step back to realign and re-present our collective creative outlook. 
Having shown for the last four years at the nurturing homestead of Tent London, Jessica felt it was time to leave the campsite and pitch her Winnebago in uncharted terrain. A move she's simaltainiously excited and  apprehensive at doing.
Pairing up with design company Precious Mcbane seemed an ideal choice as both parties share an idiosyncratic and independent aesthetic view. So expect specific areas to reflect the genre of each collection, a classic piece of furniture made trimtastic, and specimen jars filled with passementerie.

15-23 SEPTEMBER 2012
11-6, FRI 11-9