Friday, 9 January 2015


I'm probably too long in the tooth and cynical for Valentine's Day now but it wasn't always so. There was the time, when I was young and dewy eyed, I got up in the middle of the night and, while he was sleeping, cut out and hid hundreds of red tissue paper hearts. I put them in all his pockets, shoes, wallet, books, records, drawers, even the fridge [the odd organ may still flutter out and down when he pulls out a long time unheard record from it's sleeve]. What did I get? A heart shaped hot water bottle! That's romance for you. 
It's so depressing when you see the hoards rushing home on the 14th February with the obligatory unimaginative supermarket bunch of weary blooms and box of Milk Tray, and I can buy my own perfume thanks.
Romantic gestures should be surprising, spontaneous, unique and definitely hand-made. Which is where we come in with our limited edition capsule collection of hand-crafted love trinkets. Buy your beloved one of these and they'll love you forever.

Clockwise from top right,
Tassel of Love keyring £14.25, Forever temporary tattoos £6.75,
Forget-me-not posy £38.00
All available from

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